Grrr! 'Unicorn-castle' map

Grrr! was designed as a Wii game but developed for PC over the course of 10 weeks for the 'Dare to be Digital 2010' student games design competition. It is a 2-player action strategy game using the wii remotes as controllers. Each player chooses 3 characters and then they do battle on one of our 2 maps.

Grrr! 'Toxic-Beach' map


Spacific was a game prototype I worked on during my Masters year. It was a puzzle/mystery/adventure game developed in UE3.

I was the only artist working on the game, with two programmers, which was a real change from sharing the workload with another artist as I was able to direct the style and look of the game based on my own preferences. I also worked as designer for the game, coming up with the puzzles, storyline and setting for the game.

The player is stranded on an island in the Pacific ocean, and comes across a disused military base, when they are taken prisoner. The majority of the assets here are from the first room, a disused dentists surgery on the military base.

The assets were made in 3ds-Max, textures in Photoshop.








The video above shows a close examination of the dentist room assets in game.

Full Playthrough of Spacific

Please note that the opening sequence is a placeholder for an FMV.

Dune Buggy

This is a dune-buggy model I made in my spare time. It is designed to be fully working, with all the suspension and steering apparatus completely accurate to real life. It was made in 3ds-Max.